Zheng Dong

Zheng's Picture I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University, where I serve as co-Director of the CAR Lab, Director of the Real-time Systems Group, and WSU site co-Director of the NSF IUCRC eCAT center. My educational background includes a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, a Master's degree in computer software engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China, and a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Wuhan University.

Contact information:

Maccabees Building, Suite 14109.3

5057 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, MI 48202

Department of Computer Science

Wayne State University

phone: +1 (313) 577-1648

E-mail: dong@wayne.edu

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I'm deeply passionate about making timing-predictable, safety-critical cyber-physical systems a reality through algorithm-SoC co-design, with a particular focus on autonomous driving applications. My expertise in real-time & embedded systems also drives my interest in developing computer systems that incorporate timing-critical components. This extends to projects like real-time EV fleet charging recommendation systems and the implementation of edge-enabled smart infrastructures in smart cities. Publications of my research can be found here.